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Our Purpose
& Values


Changing lives for the better


Mateship  |  Passion  |  Growth Mindset  |  Humility 

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Our team of Brothers create relationships with our participants far beyond the average support worker.

We create bonds with our participants that are based on companionship friendship and equality.

We genuinely care just like a big brother looking out for a much loved sibling.


We are passionate about life and living to our fullest potential and we share that passion with all participants in our care.

Life is for living and there is an incredible world full of opportunity for everyone to experience, we show up and share our enthusiasm to every participants we support.



Our team are always working on their own personal development and encouraging our participants to reach their goals.

We love helping others grow, develop and reach their full potential.

We guide, advise and support you to be your best.


At Brothers, humility is key to providing our participants with the care they deserve.

Regardless of any disability, we remember we are all just humans here, there is no better or worse just different.

Humble Brothers are better liked, kinder and are more helpful.


We believe every individual deserves these, no matter what limitations they may face.

  • Mateship - connection and interaction with others in a social environment.

  • Improve social skills, goal setting, general life skills.

  • To do things they love, have fun with a mate, a brother, a mentor who genuinely has their back.

  • Have a great time with someone they feel comfortable with.

  • Live life with purpose with dreams and goals and passions to pursue. 

Want a Brother?

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