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The Team




Max Gow

I am the founder of Brothers Support Network. I am driven by living life with passion and purpose regardless of any challenges and obstacles that are put in our way.


After leaving school I began my journey as a support worker whilst working part time as a coach with QLD rugby, coaching kids of all ages and studying to gain my Personal Training certification.


In 2020, after being injured playing rugby, I ended up having to take a year out of sport following shoulder surgery. During this time support work became my primary focus. I realised very quickly that many of the clients I worked with needed what I had taken for granted for many years. Healthy routines and habits, a positive mindset and most of all a friend, a good mate, a big brother. I realised the importance of feeling part of something and the importance of having mentors and role models to lean on. It was these insights that led me to create Brothers Support Network and fulfil my dream to create a community built around these ideals.


Brothers is not your average care service, we have put together a select team of support workers that live and work by my values and ideals, and I believe our team at Brothers can make a difference and change people’s lives for the better despite them having what may be considered a disability.



I have only just begun my journey as a disability support worker 9 months ago, and haven't looked back since.
I'm passionate about helping people reach their goals and providing a fun environment in which they can express themselves.

Over the past 5 years previous to support work I have been traveling Europe playing rugby where I have made life long friends and gained great life experiences.

When I'm not at work you'll find me hanging out with my brother, on the rugby pitch or chilling out at the beach!

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Hi, I’m Harry!

I have worked as a support worker for 3 years. During my career I have worked with people with a range of disabilities and mental illnesses. I have specialised in working with young men with autism, helping them to engage in the community and achieve their goals. I love playing rugby and have made many lasting friendships through the sport.


When I'm not at work or playing rugby, you'll find me with my wife and daughter.



Hi I’m Nick,

I have been fortunate enough to join the Brothers support team nine months ago. I thoroughly enjoy working with this group to help and offer opportunities to the people I support to achieve their goals and live a full and rewarding life.

Originally from the Sunshine Coast, I am currently studying Engineering at Queensland University of Technology and I spend my free time playing rugby, at the gym or enjoying the outdoors.

I’m a positive, social and outgoing guy, with a can-do attitude and I enjoy mentoring and bringing the best out in others.




Hi I’m Finley,


I have been lucky enough to be a part of the Brothers team for the last few months and am enjoying all the fun experiences I’ve had.


I’m a sociable and outgoing guy who loves a wide range of activities such as footy, gaming, surfing and more. Although I try to keep active I spend a lot of my spare time doing relaxing activities like reading and catching up on movies and TV.


A passion of mine is travelling and site-seeing, whenever I get the chance to go see or do something new I’m onboard! 


I love being a support worker and hope to see you soon!



Hi, I’m Declan

Over the past two years I have been working in community health whilst also completing my final years of school. During this time in community health, I have interacted with a diverse range of people impacted with physical and mental disabilities, helping them to work towards their personal goals.


I am sociable, creative, and can easily converse over a number of topics whether it be sport, music, or gaming amongst other things. I am passionate about the arts as well as sports and when I'm not working, you'll often find me behind a drum kit or participating in team sports.


I am currently working towards attending university to pursue speech pathology.

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I am passionate about ensuring that our clients receive the highest standard of care support possible, I do this behind the scenes as our Admin & Finance and Sales & Marketing Manager.

I am an affiliated member of the Chartered Governance Institute and before joining Brothers, I worked as a trust and company administrator on the Isle of Man for nearly 8 years.

Outside of work I love spending time with my husband and daughter, going for walks and exploring new places.






My name is Max and I am a student who is passionate about helping the wider community.


I love facilitating new experiences and fun times for my clients through the NDIS.




I have worked in the world of personal development for over 20 years. My passion is helping others to step up into their greatest potential, to live happy, healthy fulfilled lives.

I bring the holistic and mindful touch to brothers. Supporting coaching and teaching our brothers team to show up to life as their best self.  My  message is always the same - "How we can best serve".

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