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Our Story 

How Brothers Support Network Began

Max Gow set up Brothers Support Network in January 2022 with the intension of helping to change the lives of young males for the better - males that had been identified under the NDIS system as needing support. Through Max's own life experience he learnt the importance of mateship, connection and healthy role models to lean on and learn from. Max had a  vision of creating a community where everyone felt connected and part of something meaningful, regardless of any perceived disability. 

Max's dreams are in full force, the Brothers community is growing exponentially, Max and the Brothers team are changing lives for the better everyday. 

In 2023 Max was recognised by Channel 7 in the Queensland Young Achievers Awards and Brothers Support Network was placed in the Top 4 Small Businesses in Queensland.

Max believes this is just the beginning for Brother Support Network, the Brothers dream is growing and there are so really exciting things in the pipeline. 

Max's Story

I am the founder of Brothers Support Network.


I am driven by living life with passion and purpose regardless of any challenges and obstacles that are put in our way.

After leaving school I began my journey as a support worker whilst playing Rugby and working part time as a coach with QLD rugby. In 2020, after being injured playing in a rugby grand final, I ended up having to take a year out of sport following multiple shoulder surgeries. 

During this time support work became my primary focus. I realised very quickly that many of the participants I worked with needed what I had taken for granted for many years.  Healthy routines and habits, a positive mindset and most of all a good mate, a friend, a brother. I realised the importance of feeling part of something meaningful and the importance of having mentors and role models to lean on.

It was these insights that led me to create Brothers Support Network and fulfil my dream to create a community built around these ideals.

Brothers is not your average support provider. We have put together a select team of support workers that live and work by my values and ideals and I believe our team at Brothers can make a difference and change people’s lives for the better, despite them having what may be considered a disability.

Be part of a healthy, vibrant community 

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