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Welcome to Our April Newsletter

The months are flying by which means we are having fun!

Time flies when you're having fun.

We wrapped up March with some real excitement with our founder Max becoming a finalist in the Channel 7 News Young Achiever Award. This was an amazing reminder of the work we are doing here at Brothers. We are committed to make a difference and changing lives for the better and every day we are finding new ways we can fulfill our vision.

Our team is growing rapidly and we have some amazing brothers joining the team. We always acknowledge our brothers who have stood out in some way, by going the extra mile.

This month we celebrate Paio.

Paio is well-loved by many of our participants, his passion, humility, and willingness to do whatever he can to add value to our participants’ lives is greatly appreciated by everyone involved at Brothers Support Network.

Our education focuses this month is on Autism, aligning with World Autism Understanding Day on April 2nd.

This year, Autism Spectrum Australia (Aspect) asked the Autistic community what they would like people to know if they find out that a person is Autistic. The most important message is that no two Autistic people are the same and that autism may not be what you think it is. It’s not a one-size-fits-all approach and there is so much misunderstanding out in the public. Fitting in can be exhausting. The environment and people’s attitudes can often be more of a barrier for people on the autism spectrum.

What we know is Autism can be tricky to define. Autism is a developmental condition that affects how a person learns and interacts with the world around them. Because autism has many different characteristics, no two people on the spectrum are alike. Every Autistic person is different from every other. This is why autism is described as a ‘spectrum’. The current research suggests that an estimated 1 in 70 people in Australia are on the autism spectrum.

We have found heaps of really informative content on the website, their fact sheets contain lots of different topics of interest and concerns. We really recommend checking them out especially if you have found yourself new on the path of understanding the Autistic spectrum.

This video is also good it’s simple and explanatory.

Please shout out if we can help you or if you would like more information about us.

The Brothers Team

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