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Welcome to Our June Newsletter

Another amazing month has passed us by and we walk into June with huge smiles on our faces. We are reaching our goals as a team and our shared vision for the future is clear, on track, and very exciting. Our passion for making a positive difference is our driver and we can safely say we are walking our talk. Our community continues to grow exponentially and we are receiving so much amazing feedback from our participants and families who love having a brother to support them. We feel very blessed these days and will continue to keep raising the bar of what we can offer.

We have some exciting things in the pipeline starting with School Holiday Day Camps in the June school holidays. We will be running different camps throughout the holidays. These will be action-packed fun days with small groups. If you are interested please send through a message here and we will give you more info.

Max our founder, received a finalist award for the channel 7 Young Achiever Awards. Brothers Support Network was placed in the top 4 of the small business in Qld category, to receive this recognition was such a credit to our team. The presentation dinner was such an amazing experience surrounded by people who are stepping up and making a real difference in this world. We were all so humbled and felt so privileged to be part of something so special. Watch this space for next year's awards :)

Brother of the month

This month we celebrate Christian!

Each month we celebrate a brother who has gone the extra mile, this month we would like a shout out to Christian. Since joining the team in March this year, Christian has worked with a range of our boys and we have had nothing but amazing feedback. Both Brothers, and all of our participants appreciate Christians hard work.

Education Focus of the month

Deaf-Blind Awareness

June brings Deaf-Blind Awareness Week. This is a special time dedicated to raising awareness about the unique challenges and remarkable abilities of individuals who are deaf-blind. In honor of this week, we celebrate the extraordinary life and legacy of Helen Keller, an iconic figure who overcame immense obstacles to become an advocate for the deaf-blind community. Her story continues to inspire millions worldwide.

Deaf-blindness refers to a condition where an individual experiences both profound hearing and vision loss. This combination can pose significant challenges to communication, education, and everyday life. For those who are deaf-blind, traditional methods of communication such as spoken language and visual cues are often limited or non-existent. Helen Keller, born in 1880, lost her sight and hearing at the age of 19 months due to an illness. Her experience of living in a world of darkness and silence was transformed when Anne Sullivan became her teacher and mentor. Through Sullivan's guidance and Keller's remarkable resilience, she learned to communicate using tactile sign language, which involved feeling the signs made in her hand. Keller's achievements transcended the realm of education. She became an author, political activist, and lecturer, advocating for the rights and empowerment of people with disabilities. Her remarkable journey serves as a testament to the potential within every individual, regardless of their circumstances. Keller's determination and unwavering spirit continue to inspire and motivate generations to embrace challenges and strive for greatness. Deaf-Blind Awareness Week serves as a vital platform to shed light on the challenges faced by those living with deaf-blindness. It aims to foster a greater understanding of their experiences and promote inclusivity within society. By raising awareness, we can actively work towards removing barriers and ensuring equitable access to education, communication, and employment opportunities for individuals who are deaf-blind. Effective communication is crucial in building connections with the deafblind community. We can learn from their experiences and adapt our communication methods to ensure inclusivity. Learning basic sign language or using tactile signing techniques can bridge the communication gap, allowing meaningful interactions and friendships to flourish. Additionally, advancements in assistive technologies, such as braille displays and speech-to-text devices, have opened up new possibilities for communication and connection.

Here at Brothers we will be working on how we can be the greatest support to our deaf blind community. This week some of our Brothers have been learning tactile sign language. We hope to get more of our team learning different different types of communication methods in the future including tactile sign language, hand-over-hand signing and fingerspelling. We will also be learning about Braille writers and tactile communication boards this month in alignment with DBAW.

Wishing you an amazing month of June.

The Brothers Team

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