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Want a Brother?

Imagine a day with a big brother that trains with you in the gym, assists with your appointments, makes you laugh, joins you at the beach or your favourite park. A brother you know cares for you and has your back.

Think of us as your brother, your mate, your mentor. Someone who has your back.

What do We Do?

We provide in-home care and community access supports in many forms including.  


  • Assistance with goal setting, planning and accountability to help fulfil dreams.

  • Going on outings and doing awesome activities that our clients love doing, whatever it is that inspires them.

  • Going to the gym, working out and many other sports and activity-based pursuits.

  • Helping with the day-to-day at home tasks like cooking and cleaning.

  • Providing car transport to and from appointments.

  • Camping trips.

  • School holiday camps.

  • Provide a sense of community where all our brothers feel welcome.

  • We look to embed our values of Mateship, Passion, Growth Mindset and Humility in everything we do.

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Want a brother?

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