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Our Services

Our services are available 24/7 including respite, sleepovers and active nights. We also have group activities such as group day trips, boys nights out, boys weekends away and wellness retreats.


We will help you with the day-to-day at home tasks, trains with you in the gym, accompany you to visit your favorite places, or join the group activities. Whatever is it, your Brothers are here for you.

Imagine a day with a big brother that trains with you in the gym, assists with your appointments, makes you laugh, joins you at the beach or your favourite park. A brother you know cares for you and has your back.


Think of us as your brother, your mate, your mentor.

1:1 Support

We provide in-home care and community access supports in many forms including.  


  • Assistance with goal setting, planning and accountability to help fulfil dreams.

  • Going on outings and doing awesome activities that our clients love doing, whatever it is that inspires them.

  • Going to the gym, working out and many other sports and activity-based pursuits.

  • Helping with the day-to-day at home tasks like cooking and cleaning.

  • Providing car transport to and from appointments.

  • Provide a sense of community where all our brothers feel welcome.

  • We look to embed our values of Mateship, Passion, Growth Mindset and Humility in everything we do.


Group Day Trips

We love school holidays and use them as an opportunity to bring our Brothers Family together by planning group days for anyone and everyone interested to enjoy.

These group days consist of our participants and support workers doing  super fun activities together such as waterparks, hikes and beach days. We always like to finish with a barbeque and refreshments for everyone to enjoy together and recap on the days activities. 

We love planning these days as it allows our participants to socialise with each other and build bonds in a comfortable environment with our support workers present.

If you are interested in our group days please get in touch.

Boys Nights Out

At Brothers we want everyone we support to feel equal and able to enjoy all aspects of life. 

A night out with a mate or a group of mates is sometimes just what we need. 

At Brothers we love taking out our boys to have fun and enjoy some night life. 

We adapt nights to all needs and preferences, from bowls clubs to dance clubs, sports bars to even a little karaoke :) We take individuals and small groups depending on the specific night.  


We believe these nights are not only fun but essential for many of our guys.

If you are interested in our boys nights out on the town, please connect with us.


Boys Weekends Away

We believe boys of all ages need boys trips!!!


One thing we love to do here at Brothers is to take our guys on fun weekends away.


One of our favourite weekends is camping in different locations across South East Queensland. We always have the best time, fishing, hanging out, camp cooking, four wheel driving and swimming. 


We cater to all needs and adapt our adventures to suit each individual. We take small groups as well as individuals. 

Shout out if you would like to plan a boys weekend away with a Brother.

Wellness Retreats

At Brothers we believe everyone needs a break to reset and recharge our batteries.

Brothers wellness retreats include a variety of different activities from mindfulness to adventure, from the beach to the bush. 

The retreats are a great way to meet new friends and explore new adventures. We laugh and have fun together.

Can't wait to meet you in our next retreat.

Come and join us!

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Check out our activity planner for the upcoming months

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